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   I love travelling, and I have a special affection for many of the places I visited before. However, it is rare that my feelings for some place be as strong as those I feel for Algiers. Like most Moroccans, I have grown up in an atmosphere where Algeria has always had contradictory meanings. It has always been the closest people to our own, both cuturally, ethnically, and also in repect of the main caracteristics of the people's personnality (at least for those, like me, whose ancestry if from the eastern area of Morocco, at the Algerian Border).

   Despite the hassle of the Visa, I am always happy to go to Algiers, see the beautiful harbor once again, the kasbah, and walk on the streets of downtown. Yes, I can't wait until tomorrow night (I am flying in the morning, but I will go directely from the airport to the training center were I will be giving an Office System training for developers). I hope Stephane will be up for a dinner downtown.


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