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PDC in two weeks ... Be There!

   Last PDC was in LA. If it was not one of the greatest, and if there was no PDC in 2002, it is because a PDC is and should be about technology, and there were no totally new one at the time ... This year, not only there is a new technology, there are many of them (Indigo, Longhorn, Yukon, ...).

   The number of attendees also seems to be one of the greatest (already overbooked, and registration closing on Monday, hurry up if you haven't registered yet!). I go to many conferences regularly (at least 3-4 per year in the US, many events in my region - i.e. North Africa), and I always come bqack with the opinion that what makes a conference great is both its content and the general atmosphere, parties and fun going on in it. This PDC will be a blast ... See you there.


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