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PDC Birds of a feather sessions

This year, not only PDC is great in including three huge new technologies, but also in its special sessions. One of the new formats is the Birds Of a Feather sessions. These are attendee hosted (any attendee can propose a session, and the sessions are aproved based on a vote by attendees).

The format of these sessions is really interesting, because it is a one hour, almost unstructured (close to chalk talk format) discussions between attendees. My guess is that we will see lots of humor take place, and much less dog food than we would in any other sessions.

Looking at the aproved topics, it is interesting to see that they globally three kinds :

  1. Real Life experience and concerns with .Net (present and future). These really are concerned by the topics that are not technology topics, and that one would never expect or trust Microsofties to cover.
  2. Alternate or deeper looks at technologies than one would not expect in regular sessions. These cover things like Rotor (CLI) development, using .Net with Oracle, Alternate programming languages, business intelligence with .Net, Palldium ...etc.
  3. Totally non technical, usally very different approche to developer concerns, like Women who code (I don't hide I will not miss that one, since most women attendees will be there ...), Reader to Author to Publisher for .NET (books on .Net), Weblogging: The Future of Conversational Software ...etc.

I will be hosting a BOF on Office system and integrating with business process (I just noticed my topic was aproved!). See you there ...

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