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This doesn't suck ... where are you steven ?

   I don't know if I said that earlier, but I hate LA. still, when I go to a conference, there are certain things that make me think it is great or it is bad, among which is the content, but to a fairly lovel, because the content is something I can always get later ... The social events around the conference, to me at least are very important, and surprisingly, they are above any level of suckiness this far ...

   Tonight, I had a chance to see quite a few of my RD friends, among which was Goksin, the one and only Clemens Vasters (whith all of the T-Shirts I would have loved to have, switching them during the evening just to make us all go crazy ...), my really good friend and the most honest, interesting and clever person I know, Scott Hanselman ,  “the” Tim Huckaby (I don’t venture into describing him, come on, you know him …),  the beautiful greatest, most connected, knowlegeable and valuable pal, Michelle Leroux Bustamente, the head spinner herself, great Kate Gregory, the great Patrick Hynds, my good and mobile friend Jon Box, the tranquil but enthousiastic (without showing it) great and very professional Yann Faure, and many other that I know maybe a litte less, but are just as great as the ones mentioned, like Olivier bourdin, Tim Landgrave, and many others ..

   Basically, we are all here, and the fun is getting into place quite quickly. So, Steven Forte,  get over here quick ...


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