Malek's Moorish Tales

Meanderings about life and technology

Sitting Alone

Sitting alone between the walls of a crowded hall

-Empty feeling of loneliness-

People like rocks stare at me,

No compassion, no tolerance.

Then the clock, on the wall, says its word !


I want to escape, but where to ?

The city like a spider has trapped me in its net,

and the walls -frontier of immagination-


A child I want to be,

but the physist says he knows,

to chaos he wants to send me ...

Entropy is the proof, he says

and the clock, on the wall, keeps the beat.


From the distance, far away,

I hear the call of freedom,

the call of the poet,

-heart without remorse-

child to eternity...


And the clock, on the wall, says its last word.

And the clock, on the wall, I'm gonna break it ...

Wichita, Kansas, 1991

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