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Its Official, Raise Your Glasses, We’re Gonna Party to Damascus

MDC04 is over, and it was a great conference, and a very warm atmosphere for all of us speakers.

One great thing about conferences is the get together, and on this one, my good friends Stephen, Cigdem, Goksin and Patrick were here, and I made new Friends ... and that certainly keeps the level of suckiness very low ...

We were a nice gang of RDs and Microsoft People out here in Cairo. Stephen Forte , Patrick Hynds, Goksin Bakir, Cigdem, Lee, Shiraz and I formed a happy gang, that did most of our visiting and shopping together. I have quite a few stories to tell, and I'll catch up with them as soon as I get back home. But to keep suspens high (and to have a checklist to help me not forget anything), I have stories about sleeping by the Pharo's toumb in the pyramid, the american selling souvenirs in a shop in Khan El Khalili, Cigdem's pyramids, the whidbey barter, partying to damascus, public bargains, and other things as well ...

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