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wow... how could anybody watch these folks

With the current (or barely past, depending how you look at it) crisis, and with claims that some people had actually forecasted it long time ago, I started looking at was out there... I stumbled upon the the open your eyes DVDs ...

I have to confess that the first few videos about the financial system did get my attention... Is the fractional reserve system a good one? was the first US Dollars fiat money a better one?

As I kept watching these conspıracy theory DVDs though, I got a lot more skeptical very quickly... As I believe in open mindedness, I went on watching (though skipping many videos, and just watching the first moments of many). I saw in most of the first ones, although not something believable, a glımpse of some form of respectable opinion, mixed in the middle of a flood of unfounded and totally unbelievable pseudo-facts. Most of them had A perspective that centered around the Judeo-Christian culture, but that is something one gets used to in the current world... Until I started hitting the juicy stuff...

One of those videos has the title of "the light behind masonry" where a guy called "Bill Schnoebelen" explain masonry (supposedly he was a mason of very high degrees). From the start, he tries to make masonry look like a satanic worship (for all I know it could be), so I watch (I have been intrigued by masonic practice for years now), until he starts saying things that went contrary to things I know very well. He said the Muslims had an efficient way to convert souls, and that it was putting a scimitar above somebody's head, then ask him to convert, and if he said no, cut his head... he then went into explaining why Islam has the moon as a symbol, and said that the god of Islam, Allah (by the way, Allah is Arabic for "The God" as it is very simply using the article "al" in front of the word "Ilah" which means god), was not God. "Allah was the moon, a rock" he exclaimed!

It is actually interesting that a guy that thinks he has both a high intellect and first hand knowledge can be so cavalier... It is even more interesting that he tries very hard to make it "Judeo-Christians" against "Mahometans"... The problem is that the only relation between Islam and the moon is the calendar. Islam uses a lunar calendar. Well, Judaism uses a mixed solar and lunar calendar. does that make the god of the bible (the Judeo-Christian god) an offspring of a star and a rock ?

Actually, the most interesting aspect of the whole series of videos, is that it has actually given me a much more positive impression of the masons, and more astonishingly, of the illuminati (if they actually exist)... In almost all of the videos, they are globalists, thriving to achieve global world government! How can this be the evil plan ? more balance in the world, with less privilege to the west? I would call that great good, or alternatively, morality... These are supposed to be a few evil people, conspiring to achieve what I would call a more just world!!! and what is the downside? they are not preaching Christianity the way he wants them to!!!

Off course I don't give much credit to any of that stuff, but my only worry about masons has always been that they seem to be a secret society of the powerful, giving them more opportunity to network and be even more powerful... If all they're doing is trying to make the world a more just place, then long live conspiracy! and long live masonry!

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