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Are we in Paris ? I thought this **** was only posible in the worst third world cities...

Today, I am having a very bad day/night as a father...

Yeaterday afternoon, my wife and son (a little less than 4 years old) who were paying me a visit in Paris (yes, I am spending too much time in paris for few month), were going back home. Only, yesterday, and for all day, it was snowing (actually very light snow, culminating at some 50 mm of stacked snow). Not only the airline (well, I know, the worst airline on the face of the planet : Air France) was saying that the flight will be on time, they had previsions for other flights that were'nt so optimistic, but kept saying that one was on target.

They were supposed to leave at 18h50. air france kept changing the supposed expected leave time for 3 hours (they were saying the fuel trucks were unable to reach the plane ! ) and then just cancelled the flight.

The worst is that by the time they finally cancelled the flight, all traffic in Paris and its suburbs were totally stopped (by no more than 5 cm -- less than 2 ─▒nches-- of snow).

I was totally unable to get to them or for them to get back to the city. Worst of all, air france aid they were unable to get them to a hotel, and that they had to spend the night in the airport (basically it meant my wife had to fight for a chair for my son to sleep on...).

I have no comment really, as it has gone well beyond any comment except this :"Are we really in Paris ? It sound more like we are in some god forsaken small village in some extremely poor 3rd world country...



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