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Proud to be a Moor

Without going into political or historical polemic, I just am proud of the scientific and artistic production of the Moorish Andalusian civilisation. It was one where Muslims, Christians and Jews lived together in peace and harmony for centuries, and it has produced some of the most beautiful works of arts ever made.

It suffices to go to the Alcazar Reales in Sevilla, or to the Mosk-Cathedral in Cordoba, or even better, to the Alhambra in Granada to be conviced ...

If I claim such heritage, it is because I have no other understanding of the history of my people and country except being the civilisation that started with the "Berbers", and the glory of Hannibal, Jugurtha and Juba. Even then and way before, our land was a meeting place for civilisations and a melting pot for cultures likethose of the Phoenicians and the Romans. Way later, whith the arrival of the Arabs, it was still the people of our land, the berbers that made the western islamic civilisation that took over Andalussia (now southern Spain) and made it one of the most flourishing civilisations in the world ...

So that is the begining of mty tales, which will be an expression of the views of a guy proud to be a Moor ...

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