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Don Box, megastar

   I am telling you, don't you ever think that avalon, or WinFS is the big thing happening at pdc ... I don't want to discuss Yukon at this time of the night, but the big thing here is : INDIGO ... the blue and quiet new communication layer, that really ends the reign of COM, and of the objects everywhere model as well.

   Well, I saw the light (metaphorically off course, for this same light has been with me for many years now), and it was coming from Don Box's speech on Indigo. I don't use session or presentation, because it was a speech, full of enlightening thoughts, and it was a session of evangelization if I ever saw one.

   What object is about, what messages are about, what the value of message based architectures is (SOA- service oriented architecture if you prefer to call it so), and how SOA actually works  ... thank you Don.

   What amzes me is that so many people understood the value of the talk ... or at least so many of them where there, until there was no more free chairs, no more empty space on the floor, and the corridor was no longer walkable ... great job Don.

   The thing about don Box as an MSFT employee is that he has much less freedom to express his opinions in his natural words for them, but he found a way to speak them differently ... Keep going Don ...

   Then, when it is all about SOA, and the only speaker in this pdc that is clearly speaking the extent and value of it is Don ... Hail Don, Hurray ...


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